7 Things That Can Destroy A Relationship

Maintaining a smooth-sailing relationship is no easy feat. Even just a simple argument, anger or other negative emotions can make things get worse. Here are 9 things that could destroy your relationship.

  1. Being Mean

There are times when we cannot control ourselves and say mean things to our partner. As much as possible, it should be avoided before we even say or do things that we would regret later on. If you can’t control being mean, you can seek help from the best services for counselling Bella Vista by Colleen Hurll Counselling for enlightenment.

  1. Hidden agenda

Hidden agendas are said to be one of the biggest barriers towards having proper communication with each other. Thus, as much as possible, we should not accuse our partner of having hidden agenda nor should we have it as well.

  1. Prejudice

Although there are times when our emotions overcome us in certain situations, we should never allow ourselves to have prejudice/bias/opinion/judgment/ especially if we have no idea about what actually happened. It is important for us to listen to what our partner has to say before we make any judgment or before we criticize him/her.

  1. Moaning

Surely, nobody wants to speak to his or her partner who only replies with a moan and seems to be not interested in conversing at all. Believe it or not, your partner is bothered with you moaning as he/she starts with a serious conversation with you.

  1. Nagging

Nagging is surely different than communicating. It is actually saying the same things over and over again while getting the same reply. In case your partnering is letting out a deep sign, it’s the time for you to stop for a while and determine if you are already nagging or not. If you are, better stop for even as a child, you don’t want your parent to nag you, right?

  1. Blaming (what is wrong with you?)tour

A relationship exists because of two persons working for it and so, whenever something is wrong with the relationship, it is not suggested to blame it on your partner for perhaps, the problem exists because of the both of you. If the other person gets the blame, then the tendency is that he/she would only get into defensive mode.

  1. Criticizing

Criticism is not healthy for relationships. In the first place, you have fallen in love with that person for who he/she is and so, it is not right for you to ask him/her to change, especially if he/she is unwilling to do so. You should avoid it as much as possible for if not, it would seem like you are just attacking your partner’s individuality.

If you want your relationship or marriage to last forever, then you have to avoid these negative traits. If you want to further strengthen your relationship, you can seek help from your counselor. It’s time to consult and undergo a couple counselling Hills District from Colleen Hurll for a happy and healthy relationship.


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