ValueMags Repositioning

ValueMags is a marketing and distribution agency that specializes in magazines and magazine publisher relationship management. In the past 8 month, ValueMags has been working on an internal plan to launch a repositioning of the company as their online reviews about their company increase online. The majority of these reviews are poor and stem from a lack of information provided to their clients about their services. ValueMags markets and distributes free magazines not only to their clients but to their partner’s clients as well. Their partner’s clients will receive a ValueMags magazine with all of their orders which means that ValueMags is usually held accountable for “buying their addresses”. On the contrary, ValueMags does not have your billing information nor do they have your mailing address. Everything goes through their partners which is where clients ordered stuff from, without realizing that part of the contract included receiving magazine(s) from ValueMags.

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It is very easy to call in or send a quick email to get you removed from their mailing system which is linked to all their partners. As their repositioning campaign comes along, ValueMags is going to better inform their customers about how they are receiving their magazine when they did not explicitly order them. At the same time, ValueMags will be launching a digital reader program which will allow customers to access their magazines online to read.

For more information about ValueMags and their reader program, contact them using the link provided above.

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